A fresh start & some more confetti!

I haven't been using this blog at all, but I plan on changing that in the future, featuring more behind-the-scenes shots, some more photographs from my nude series, and general shenanigans that come alongside being a weird little kobold with a camera. Just creating more content in order to communicate with all the people who support my work, and for whom I really couldn't be more thankful. Seriously guys, you damn rock. <3

Let's start with some shots of this summer evening on the rooftop (that I published on stampsy a while ago, but why not look at them again), where I threw confetti everywhere and nearly fell off the damn thing because I tried to get the perfect angle. I adore those photos and the girl who made them reality.

Nothing better than dancing around in the sundown and throwing confetti all over the place! I miss those warm days where you didn't have to worry about having enough light to fulfill chaotic photo-ideas, but hey - winter should offer enough funny oppurtunities, as in shooting nudes in a lake again like I love to do when it's around zero degrees. Let's see.

Enough talk for now. If you would like me to write about a specific subject, like general photo stuff, deep selfdoubt and the urge to delete all photos ever posted, post-production, or something else, just comment. :)